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The Ecomo Home

October 27, 2010 Stylish Houses

The ecomo home is a compact home designed for modern, simple living in collaboration with nature. The design is based on basic sustainable, green design principles. The ecomo home offers a low-maintenance, modern, well-designed green housing alternative. The ecomo home is a predesigned, prefabricated, customised home, offering numerous options in layout, size and finish. These custom designs allow unique solutions for unique sites and are sustainable, thoughtfully designed, modular systems built. Read More


Nnatural high-tech is the concept of this new modular, sustainable & transportable low-energy house. Designed by Werner Aisslinger and developed with a South Tyrolian team, the FINCUBE was created 1200m above sea level near Bozen in Northern Italy, with a brilliant view of the famous Dolomite mountains. The hideaway-innature nomadic housing concept is since recently exhibited as a prototype in Ritten, above Bozen. The FINCUBE is a materialized vision of a small housing unit with a long lifecycle. It can easily be dismantled and rebuilt on a new site, and even more important for nature hideaways: it requires minimum soil sealing – just 2 m that are easily renatured after the FINCUBE is moved to another location. Read More

Modular Glossy Black House

The company A-Cero designs modern and minimalist houses and its modular houses isn’t the exception. They have extremely modern look as inside as outside thanks to glossy black exteriors and black and white interiors. Besides, thanks to technologies that characterize modular construction, these houses have a good quality, a relatively low price and are fast to assemble. There are three models of modular homes that the company creates at the moment. For example, the smallest one with 84 square meters of total area house will costs you 69,000€. The same house but fully decorated and equipped will const 85,000€. Modular construction is a big step for such company as A-Cero which is going to make practical and modern architecture affordable to anyone who isn’t related to economic elite. Read More

Grid House

The topography of the area consist of large natural stones and trees and the house is located in small valley which protects in from winds. Three aims was choose durning the design and construction: the demand for single-story house, the desire to connect the house to surrounding nature, and need to provide privacy to members of the family. High humidity of the site put the house above the ground. Read More

Modern White Modular House

August 25, 2010 Stylish Houses

A-Cero has presented other model of their sleek and modern modular houses. The new house features a facade done in combination of black glass with panels of white aluminium composite. Read More