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Loft 24-7 Sao Paulo

São Paulo-based Fernanda Marques has achieved a residence called Loft 24-7 in São Paulo, Brazil. The residence has an idealistic balance by using “outdoor” elements inside and “indoor” elements outside. On a surface of almost 250 square meters, the living room is presented as an open environment full of light, in which a light plays and the expression of nature makes the space live within as if it was outside. Limestone, rough stone, steel, glass, wood paneling and furnishings that speak to the architect’s modernist style, all create a harmonious, seamless environment where you are never quite in and never quite out. The decor looks like a continuation of the external elements, combining details that recall the country houses together with those of modern housing in a unique style and great taste. Read More

Cottage Style Decor by Architecture Firm

November 15, 2010 Stylish Houses

Dallas, Texas-based firm Bodron + Fruit is a collaboration of two important residential design authorities – founded by Interior Designer Mil Bodron and Architect Svend Christian Fruit – and it’s indeed a beautiful band of designers. With architecture, interior design and furniture design covered off in one fell swoop, the firm allows for a totally custom home with continuity among all its various elements. This particular countryside home features sliding glass walls and windows in unexpected places, like on either side of the fireplace and set within the kitchen backsplash, evoking the outdoors at every turn. Interiors are chic, yet have a distinctive cottage style decor that is both welcoming and elegant at once. Read More

Exotic Residence House in Brazil

September 27, 2010 Luxury Modern Homes

JH House is a glamorous residence from Bernardes Jacobsen Architecture located in São Paulo, Brazil. It is a highly modern villa, with an exotic and distinguished exterior, whose appearance seems even more imposing due to the beautiful palm trees surrounding it. The U-shaped structure has a generous outdoor entertainment area, which includes an impressive pool, a basketball field and stylish furniture for occasional friends gatherings. Read More

Exotic Landscapes & Diverse Interior Design

September 20, 2010 Stylish Houses

This fascinating residence comes from Drucker Arquitetura and is located in São Paulo, Brazil. Situated on the Morumbi hills, the house offers great views while being well integrated within its surrounding landscape. The balconies and floor to ceiling windows invite its guests to contemplate the beautiful palm trees outside and draws them to the outdoor pool. Read More

Portugal House by DEM Architecture

August 27, 2010 Stylish Houses

Located in the Portugal Northwest border, the Vila Nova de Cerveira house by Demm Architecture was constructed for weekend use for its owners. Built as one long rectangle, its simplicity, enhanced by extensive use of concrete and glass, has good indoor-outdoor flow. The main living area leads out to an infinity pool, and the gardens, which are simply landscaped enables a simple concrete staircase to standout as a feature design feature. Read More