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Gauthier House by Bauzeit Architekten

July 12, 2011 Stylish Houses

The project is articulated basing on two really simple spatial typologies. The first one, a compacted and pure single-storied level with huge window panels that open to the Alps, framing the beautiful view. The glazing surfaces on the entire level structure the façade in a generous way. The panoramic window panels fold inside, providing a special expression to the ensemble, while forming the terrace-covered area. Read More

House M

The distinctive feature of the property lies in its north-facing slope, which has to be negotiated over two stores to reach the almost flat garden level. This gives rise to the leitmotiv of a “house winding up the slope”, with a quarry- facade which is corresponding to the ultra thin Frames of the facade. Despite its complex geometry, the house is organized in clearly perceivable zones, based initially on additive modules of 7.80 by 7.80 meters. Lighting plays a particularly important role. Read More

Super Minimalist House Design

November 17, 2010 Modern Architecture

This Italian home architecture designed by Andrea Oliva from Cittaarchitettura is what we like to call “modern minimalist” at its best. This contemporary house design simple through and through, from its flat property to its straightforward rectangular shape, flat roofline and neutral white-and-grey palette that stands out starkly against the lush green backdrop. Two main elements define this countryside home design: a concrete and plaster front porch (which is a favorite outdoor entertaining area by summer) followed by the home’s main body. Windows provide a clean, contemporary facade to the structure while framing the pastoral vistas of the seemingly endless grassy ground. Read More