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Summer House in Vestfold

The Summer house is located on the coast of Vestfold in the southern part of Norway. The house replaces an older building at the site. To get the planning permit, the project had to be well adjusted to the terrain, both in terms of shape, scale, material and color. The house and terraces are partly built upon existing stone walls, the parts of the walls which are new are made of stones from the blasting at the site. The low elongated volume is cut into to allow for wind shielded outdoor areas, embraced by the house itself. These cuts also bring down the scale of the building, and together with the local variations of the section, make the building relate to the surrounding cliff formations. Read More

Imaginative Architecture

March 24, 2011 Luxury Modern Homes

This swanky villa has got it goin’ on. Located in Phuket, Thailand, Villa Amanzi combines the best of contemporary design and ultra modern architecture to create a sublime cliffside sanctuary. Built into the granite rock face, Amanzi features panoramic views of the Andaman Sea, an open-plan living area that stretches from the garden entrance to to the infinity pool, and even it’s own mountain stream. Read More

House Lefevre

December 17, 2010 Stylish Houses

Architecture studio Longhi Architects has designed a house called Lefevre. It is located at the coastline in Peru, in city of Punta Misterio situated 177km away from the capital Lima. The Punta Misterio region is known for its desert. The parcel has a great view at the Pacific ocean contrasting with the arid desert. One of the challenges was to create a design that will harmonize with the surroundings. It seems that they have fulfilled this demand very well. They have created a housing formed by geometric shapes stacked on each other looking like they are going to fall from the reef. Stacking of shapes created an extra space on the roofs that was used to build unique sand gardens visually extending the desert. Swimming pools reconnect the house with the ocean. Read More

Beach House in Tenerife

November 8, 2010 Stylish Houses

The House in Tenerife was built into the cliffs 300m above a black sand beach.  The entrance to the house leads to the upper tier of the double-height living room.  And descending the concrete staircase, the minimalist interior becomes second nature against the surrounding backdrop — where the blues of the sky and the sea appear vertically in formation.  Before long, the sensory experiences from the natural world envelope the built form, and the house’s relevance in its surroundings are revealed. The layout places living areas of the home on the shorter end of the L-shaped form, while both bedrooms and bathrooms sit along the longer side.  Read More