Stairs House

December 23, 2010 Stylish Houses

Japanese architects y + M Design Office have recently finished a project of a unique family residence in Japan. The house is unusual for its roof in the shape of stairs. One can access the top of the house from the garden. There are perforations between each pair of stairs that provide the space with enough of natural sunlight. The owners of this unique house is a young couple with their children, twins. The parcel is located right on the coastline. In the winter, strong and cold wind blows and there is not a lot of sunlight comparing to summer period when it is very hot and the building is exposed to direct sunlight. The final design was modified considering the mentioned climate conditions but it is still very original. The entire staircase is made from porcelain tiles that are not hard to maintain. The final appearance is magic, in the night when you are looking inside from the outside, you can see through perforations on the stairs what is going on inside, but it does not affect the privacy of the owners. During the day, on the other hand, the owners have a great view of what is going on outside the house and still keeping their privacy.

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