House Lefevre

December 17, 2010 Stylish Houses

Architecture studio Longhi Architects has designed a house called Lefevre. It is located at the coastline in Peru, in city of Punta Misterio situated 177km away from the capital Lima. The Punta Misterio region is known for its desert. The parcel has a great view at the Pacific ocean contrasting with the arid desert. One of the challenges was to create a design that will harmonize with the surroundings. It seems that they have fulfilled this demand very well. They have created a housing formed by geometric shapes stacked on each other looking like they are going to fall from the reef. Stacking of shapes created an extra space on the roofs that was used to build unique sand gardens visually extending the desert. Swimming pools reconnect the house with the ocean. The entire design concept could be expressed by words: “between sand and water”. As for the materials, the material of the wall-covering changes with every floor, the ground-floor is covered by stone, the top floor is completely white with a number of glazed walls that lighten and aerate the house.source

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