White Concrete Walls Home

November 15, 2010 Luxury Modern Homes

Australian architects Tony Owen Partners is the creative force behind this amazing concrete house in Sydney, Australia. This contemporary concrete walls home was designed for a concrete contractor, who used his expertise to put a personal touch and built the house himself. The first thing you’ll notice are the contemporary curved concrete walls that characterize the home ’s exterior. Like windblown sails, these massive white walls give the house a light, airy, in-motion effect. Inspired by Mediterranean architecture, the concrete and glass house features patios and terraces that abut floor-to-ceiling windows, bringing the outdoors in. Designed as a series of blocks, the house is must grander than it appears from street level. A multi-level layout progressively steps up from the ground floor, each level connected by a central staircase that commands the attention of everyone in the room. Expansive glazing floods interiors with bright natural light, which reflects off the polished stone floors and contemporary finishes found throughout. Complementing these chic, urban finishes are rustic, natural elements like cobblestone walls and a central courtyard.

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