Grid House

The topography of the area consist of large natural stones and trees and the house is located in small valley which protects in from winds. Three aims was choose durning the design and construction: the demand for single-story house, the desire to connect the house to surrounding nature, and need to provide privacy to members of the family. High humidity of the site put the house above the ground. The house frame is a structural grid in wood which consist of 5.5×5.5x3m modules. Some of these modules are empty allowing the trees to cross the structure. The house consist of the owner’s apartment, social area, washing area, guest room, and three isolate modules, with to bedrooms each, for the children. On the top of the highest hill lies the leisure pavilion which has the most generous views. There are also 3 another service pavilions with garage, housekeeper’s house and accommodations for the maids.

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