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House in Menorca

September 24, 2010 Luxury Modern Homes

Being a summer house, the main idea is not only creating the interior spaces of the house, but distribute all outer space. The interior spaces seek good relations with the outside world, colonizing their surroundings and their views. Inspired by the typical “tanca”, stone walls divisions of the realm. The plot is organized from a space frame, fully passable, based on a trace orthogonal, combining floors, platforms, water, trees, plants, tanca, pergolas, walls and the house itself. Read More

Amazing House by A-cero

September 20, 2010 Luxury Modern Homes

A-cero architecture studio is presenting a house that A-cero recently finished in “La Finca” estate in the town Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid). This project is smaller (1000m2) than the rest buildings of this housing development. Its smaller dimensions turn it into a comfortable and practical house that invites to enjoy it and offers the maximum life quality. Its modern design based on impossible angles, projecting and spectacular volumes do of this building one of the maximum exponents of the A-cero architecture. Façade house is made of travertino marble which is combinated with dark grey granite in several areas, as in the vertical plane of the main façade. Read More

Get Away From the City House

September 13, 2010 Luxury Modern Homes

The design of this house is located Andean Foothills far from the city, designed not for family but for a very hard man.Topographic site but was interrupted by a 36M × 8 horizontal plane running north-south to the slopes. Produce a stable platform and continuous surface area that includes the living room, a terrace, a pavilion, a terrace and swimming pool, which occupies the entire length. Read More

Gamma Issa – Modern Casa of Book Lover

August 27, 2010 Luxury Modern Homes

Gamma Issa is a modern casa in Sau Paulo, Brazil. Thanks to the climate it is very open, the transition between pool and house is almost transparent. Big sliding windows which serve as one wall of the house helps a lot with that. The exterior is painted in milky white so during the day the house is very shiny. The interior has a lot white objects too but its main feature is very big bookcases which occupy one wall on both floors. From the first sight it’s obviously that the owner is real book lover even though not all bookcases are full of books. There are a lot of modern furniture pieces around the house with comfortable lounge chairs what makes the house not only beautiful but also very comfy to seat near the sun and read an interesting book. Read More

Stunning Tropical Seafront House

August 27, 2010 Luxury Modern Homes

This stunning tropical house is one of those houses that has almost perfect location. It’s overlooking Playa La Isla in Peru and only 5 minutes walk separates it from the beach. The home is designed to connect owners with a beautiful landscape around. Half of it is fully closed from street looks while other one is fully opened to awesome views of the ocean. Besides ground-floor patio there is a rooftop terrace which also fronts the ocean. Even though the house isn’t looks big it features 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms for the owners and guests. The house become a great place not only for holidays but also for living with contemporary needs. Read More