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Green Design Architecture

Scandinavian One-Storey House

August 27, 2010 Green Design Architecture

Folded Roof House is designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune and located not far from Stockholm in a heavily wooded area. It’s a one-storey house with an asymmetric folded roof plane that reminds wings of a butterfly. Exterior’s materials blends with natural surroundings very well. The bedrooms are positioned at the gable ends and the living room is between, with an open main facade. The interior also features a lot of natural materials and has quite good contemporary Scandinavian design. Even though it looks quite modern natural elements make it really comfy. Almost the whole house is prefab so its construction wasn’t as hard process as it could be. Read More

The Villa Bio

August 27, 2010 Green Design Architecture

Enric Ruiz-Geli’s firm Cloud9 designed the suburban sustainable house of the future Villa Bio. Featuring a hydroponic rooftop garden, underground garage and a 50-foot cantilevered section, Villa Bio was no small feat of engineering. The home is a firework of astute solutions that exemplify what the sustainable suburban home of tomorrow can be today. Read More

Modular Glossy Black House

The company A-Cero designs modern and minimalist houses and its modular houses isn’t the exception. They have extremely modern look as inside as outside thanks to glossy black exteriors and black and white interiors. Besides, thanks to technologies that characterize modular construction, these houses have a good quality, a relatively low price and are fast to assemble. There are three models of modular homes that the company creates at the moment. For example, the smallest one with 84 square meters of total area house will costs you 69,000€. The same house but fully decorated and equipped will const 85,000€. Modular construction is a big step for such company as A-Cero which is going to make practical and modern architecture affordable to anyone who isn’t related to economic elite. Read More

Modern Stone House

August 25, 2010 Green Design Architecture

House “Ö” is designed by Erginoglu & Calislar Architects to give its owners a modern life style but keeping the style of the area. It is situated in Bodrum, holiday district in Turkey. Outside it looks like the house designed in traditional side but inside everything corresponds to modern needs. The kitchen is open plan on the ground floor and the bedroom is upstairs. The living room with fireplace is on the mid level connecting private and service areas. Read More